Velvet Black Labrador on Tweed

Velvet Black Labrador on Tweed

Handcrafted in our Somerset studio and work space, each one of our luxury cushions begins with a unique hand drawn design. Using a mix of new, reclaimed and vintage textiles, fabric is then handpicked and chosen specifically for its texture, colour and look before then being hand cut and applique sewn. This is an 18" black and white herringbone tweed wool cushion, featuring a black velvet Labrador dog with an envelope style back in a complimentary black fabric. This item comes complete with a luxuriously filled duck feather cushion insert.  Due to the nature of using recycled, reclaimed and vintage fabrics, each cushion may have slight variations in fabric texture and colour.
  • Care Instructions

    Due to the mix of new, vintage, and reclaimed fabrics used we recommend caring for your cushion by lightly vacuuming with an upholstery attachment. Surface clean only with a damp cloth ensuring excess water is removed to prevent watermarks. If using an upholstery cleaning product, ensure it is suitable for delicate fabrics and test on a small area first.


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